MARINOS S.A. was founded in 1992 in Kalymnos Island-Dodecanese, with the merger of the two General Partnerships of Giannis MARINOS & Co and Michail MARINOU SONS, and is the evolution of a small company of Michael Marinos, father of Giannis, George and Theofilos, which, since 1935, has been operating in the fields of import, marketing and distribution of branded food and famous alcoholic beverages aw well as high quality Wines in the entire Dodecanese.

In 1985 MARINOS S.A., expanding past the borders of Kalymnos founded and operated branch, Warehouse, in Kos Island. This branch moved in 1998 into a privately owned space of 1300 m2 ground floor and basement of unique aesthetics and architecture.
In 1989 a second branch-Warehouse was founded in Rhodes, aiming at the direct and effective customer service for the clients in Rhodes and nearby Islands such as Symi, Karpathos, Kasos and Kastellorizo.
In 2000 a third retail branch, ''Bottle Store-Cava'', of equally unique architecture, was founded in the town of Rhodes to serve the needs of its market, not only tourist but also local, by putting in the consumer’s Mindset the specialization in exhibiting and promoting labels from small producers both from the Greek and from the high-profile Vineyards around the World.
In 2007, when the Dodecanesian market was ready for an even more advanced and specialized Proposal, but especially when the right area,’’Spot’’ was found (a very Old Building near the entrance to the old town and opposite the Port where the luxurious, privately owned and rented Boats-Yachts are moored), we operated a new building as “Bottle Store” after having it renovated, with respect and reverence to the cultural monument.

MARINOS s.a. maintains independent and fully equipped distribution networks with separate infrastructure for each island, namely Kalymnos, Kos and Rhodes. The company's headquarters remain on Kalymnos, and feed the warehouses and branches of Kos and Rhodes.

Absolute specialization of entities but also of human resources and managers of MARINOS S.A, deep knowledge of the market, well-organized distribution network, consistency and accountability, excellent and friendly, but also creative relationship with customers, from very early on, created strong foundations, giving us the confidence to move forward and the certainty of a successful and upward journey to achieve our goals in the best way possible.

Today, following the requirements of the era, with our new online Web site, MARINOS S.A promises to once again respond to market needs.
We are at your disposal every day to serve you by providing tips, and fulfilling your orders at competitive prices.

Our goal is a functional, friendly, and reliable Site, with detailed descriptions of products, geared towards facilitating your purchases both for yourself and as a gift.

We are always ready at your disposal for any need.

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